Hey there, we are going to discuss the best resume writers of 2017. Out team of hr consultants have done the research and complied a list of best resume writers and we are presenting you the results.

Writing an impressive resume is not easy. You might have the necessary skills and qualifications for the job that you are applying to. but if your resume doesn’t stand out, then landing an interview will be difficult. According to Time.com, majority of recruiters spend only 6 seconds to review your resume and CV, therefore it is better to have your Resume and CV professional made in order to make your resume last longer than 6 Seconds.







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Resume Monsters is ranked #1 because of it’s quality of service and professionalism. Their key strategy of success is providing user centric resume and profile building services like no other. They have professionals from all industries who are there to help.


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Chapman Services is on the second stand because of their flexibility of service, they are more targeted towards giving the user a high-level interview and hiring introductory. Their prices are little on a higher and takes a little longer because of a long-personalized process.


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Resume Plus is entirely run by Sue Montgomery, she has very high credentials and a high overview of most of the industries. Pricing is determined upon talking to her and timing is determined on how busy she really is.


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Bluepring Resumes and Consulting offers high credibility writers and consulting, they specialize in numerous areas and have different packages for individuals. Their process takes a while to get up and running.


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Acclaimed Resumes has high credibility in the writing industry. Their down side is having long turnaround for e-mail support, which is how most communicates happen. Acclaimed Resumes is a name you can trust.

Why Having a Effective Resume is Important

If you are looking for a new job, you need something to help set you apart from the crowd. A professional resume can never be underestimated as a tool for success. A resume is literally the first impression of a candidate. It is imperative to make sure that your resume is an accurate representation of your talents and experience. Most employers spend approximately 30 seconds on each resume so it is critical to make yours stand out.

There are different types of resumes that fit certain candidates:

Chronological Resumes

This is the most common type of resumes and work for someone with a consistent work experience who doesn’t have many years in employment. Chronological resumes are also best for those who are staying in the same field and who have increased promotions and titles over time.

• List job experience beginning with latest place of employment. List the phone number and place where you worked
.• It is critical to detail your job performances, highlighting tasks and responsibilities.• Continue listing other employment chronologically. Give honest reasons for each job change• Recognizes a consistent pattern of your career.

Functional Resume

This is a kind of resume for people who may be just or who may have some inconsistencies in their employment. This type of resume outlines and displays your skills as opposed to your stability of employment

.• This is an avenue for you to highlight your special skills and expertise• Focuses on specific tasks instead of time frame
• Follow the same pattern of listing your work experience but concentrate on important skills you mastered
.• Highlight job titles and promotions

Each part of the resume has important elements that you need to cover efficiently:

Work Experience

This section allows you to display your achievements and skills. Go into detail about the things you do. List specific computer programs, professional accomplishments that you have attained at each job.


This section allows you to show off your education, including degrees, professional certificates or even classes that you have taken in your academic career. You can begin with your high school graduation details and lead into a chronological order of your educational milestones.

Career Profile

Your career profile is an opportunity to present your career achievements and summarize who and what you stand for. This section should be clear and concise.


This is a list of colleagues (preferably professional) who have worked with you and are familiar with your performance. You can list names, their titles, and companies. Include contact information that is current. If you are a recent college graduate, you can list teachers or advisors. Try to keep this list to three or four names.

As you can see, a resume is the advantage you can use to progress your career. An impressive, clear resume will create a great first impression with your employer. Remember to always be candid in all the details of your resume to prevent any damage to your professional reputation. Make the most of this opportunity to create a great first impression.