Resume Monsters Review

Resume Monster is a top-tier resume writing service specializing in providing user centric resumes & profile building services. Their mission is to help individuals in their career and professional growth by offering one-on-one career advancement tactics. They have writers from all industries who understand the competitive edge of each industry which puts them to the top of the list compared to other services and have a lot of experience on creating eye-catching, detailed and professional resumes, cover letters, profiles, etc…

Quality of Work

Quality of Resume Monsters is really seen as they specialize the resume towards the users’ needs and their goals. They take their time in understanding what the user wants and is targeting. A user can best represent themselves to a recruiter by providing a cover letter along with the resume. One of the best features of Resume Monster is providing very detailed and explanatory cover letters, this is a result of them collecting career specific information both from the user and their in-house experts. The finalized resume also gets through a resume review process from other writers, which other services tend not to do.

Resume Monster has very low prices compared to other services and their qualities.

  • Professional Resume Service – 99.99
  • Cover Letter – 29.99
  • LinkedIn – 29.99
  • FREE Career Specific Interview Tips
  • FREE Job Guide
  • FREE Submission to Job boards

How long does it take to deliver?

One of the best features of Resume Monsters is their turnaround time. Besides quality, they also offer great delivery time. The first resume draft can be constructed by them in as little as 2 business days. Their support is also responsive.

Service & Support

Resume Monster has a great customer support service, who are located in the USA. Besides having a great customer support, their expert writers will also be in contact with you to provide you detailed explanations and tips, and also ask you goal specific questions to fulfill the resume goals as close to the user’s needs as possible

Payment Options

The easy checkout option lets the user purchase their service using any of the major credit cards(Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover). The payment processing is secure and encrypted.  

Website Usability

The usability of the website is of high quality and simple to use, since it’s targeted to all kinds of users including non-tech savvy audiences. The simplicity of the site was made to ease the process of the user seeking a professional resume and a cover letter. 

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