Resources For Your Job Search

Best Job Engines – #1 place to find jobs for various industries. Easily find the job you are looking for trough indeed search engine. – find millions of job listings and review employee ratings. Look up position pay and benefits. See what previous and current employees are saying about the company your are trying to join. – If you are intrested in working for the governemnt, this website will be a useful resournce for you. Find millions of government job listings! – Job engine for veterans and military wives. – The best job engine for federal employment. Find a Federal Government job today! – another great job engine that has over 8 million job listings. – is great job engine for people in tech. There are plenty of tech job listings according to your niche.

TheLadders – a great job engine for professionals who are looking to upper-level executives and management jobs.

LinkedIn – Find jobs through your extended networks. Follow recruiters and joining groups. – The site has plenty of hourly paid job listings. – Find part time and full time student jobs. – Find federal employment.

Resume and CV writing Resources – upgrade your resume with this fantastic theme builder. They have great resume templates that will make your resume stand out. – tips for writing a professional resume and cover letter

Résumé Workshop – a very useful resource on how to organize your resume and cover letter. A very detailed information on how to write a professional resume.

44 Resume Writing Tips – Another great guide on how to write a powerful resume that will land you an interview.

Indeed Resume Guide – 139 Action Verbs to Make Your Resume Stand Out

Free Resume Builder – Upgrade your resume with this useful resume builder. Get an impressive resume with pre-built resume templates.

Free Resume Templates – Download 250+ free resume templates. The templates are designerd fo Microsoft Word

Interview Preparation Resources

30 Best Interview Preparation Tips – check out theses powerful interview tips before going for your interview.

Preparing for Interviews – 7 Step Interview Plan.

17 Phone Interview Tips – Useful phone interview tips to get you to next step. Phone interviews are important part of the hiring process, therefore its is important to pass the initial phone screens.

Top Interview Questions & Answers – Learn how to answer the most interview questions.

50 Most Interview Questions – Practice this 50 most common interview questions before your interview. the list was put together by

Dressing For Interviews

Interview Attire – Find out the best outfits to wear on the interview day.

Interview Outfits For Ladies – Check out 430 best interview outfits for ladies

Interview Outfits For Gentlemen – Take a look at 245 best interview outfits for men

8 Tips To Dress For Interview Success – Useful tips on how to dress for interview success.

Salary Negotiation Strategies

Top 5 Salary Negotiation Tactics – Learn how to negotiate effective to get the salary that you desire.

4 Strategies to Negotiate a Higher Salary – A powerful guide on how to negotiate for higher salaries.

Salary Negotiation 101 – A great guide on how to negotiate with employers for better salary and benefits. Be prepared!

Interview Follow Up Resources

Follow Up Email Samples – Learn how to write a follow up letter!

Thank You Letter Sample – Learn how to write a Thank You letter after the interview.

What To Do After The Job Interview – 10 things to do after you have done your interview. The guide was put together by

How to Accept a Job Offer – Tips on how to write a job acceptance letters.