Acclaimed Resumes – Review

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Acclaimed Resumes is one such company which can help anyone who is thinking of applying for a new job. In case you have been in the job market for some time now and cannot seem to make yourself marketable enough, they will help change your fortune. If you are not getting responses to interviews based on your resumes, you definitely will after Acclaimed Resumes works its magic.

Their only objective to help clients get enough exposure and marketability so they can secure their dream interviews and job opportunities by offering top-notch professional resume writing services. They value all clients equally which is they follow a strict 1-on-1 approach. Your resume will be customised exactly how you want it.

Apart from resumes, they will also work on your LinkedIn profile and cover letter. They will make sure that you highlight all your best work experience, skills and achievements through your tailored professional profile.

Why them?

They launched their business in 1995 and have since then become very successful in making resumes which stand out in a pile. As certified Professional Resume Writers, they know exactly what employers are looking for according to which they will add and subtract from your resume. They also belong to the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARWICC).

In fact, their resumes are so well-written that they have found a place in a large number of “How to Write Your Own Resume” books by experts.


At first, you can have a free consultation before you decide to subscribe to their services. They even offer some freebies like a Thank You Letter, Prepared Answers to Interview Questions and Salary Negotiating Tactics with every project they undertake.

Acclaimed Resumes offer the following services:

  • Resume Only
  • Marketing Only (Cover Letter) Only
  • LinkedIn Profile Only
  • Resume Distribution
  • Reference Checking
  • Resume Posting on 80-100 Job Boards

However, they do not mention the monetary charge on their website which means that prospective clients will not be able to get a fair idea beforehand.

Accessibility and Payment:

You will receive the finished product within 3 to 5 business days which is swift. However, this can change if a particular resume is especially challenging or complex.

You can get in touch with Acclaimed Resumes anytime between 8 am to 5 pm from Mondays to Fridays. They have a toll-free number which you can call. Otherwise, you can avail the e-mail support or send a message via Facebook. Their e-mails have, on certain occasions, been somewhat condescending, which might turn out to be a problem.

Do not worry about payment as they accept all major credit cards (Maestro, MasterCard, Discover, Visa, American Express). Your PayPal account is also an available payment option.

Their website is not very well-maintained. It is neither attractive nor is it easy to browse and navigate. As a commercial website, that can be a setback.

Acclaimed Resumes can create an appealing, impressive, and effective resume for you. So contact them today!